Sky Glow Measurement

Dark Sky Partners offers measurement of sky glow using state-of-the art CCD imaging, in visual (507-595nm) and blue (398-492nm) spectral bands. Measurements can be performed as frequently as 5x per hour, and cover the entire sky and landscape down to -5° altitude.

Sky glow map showing measured natural and artificial sky glow from towns and cities. The false-color map covers the entire sky from -180° to +180° azimuth and 0° to 95° zenith angle; skybrightness units are in astronomical V magnitudes per square arcsecond.

Sky Glow Modeling

Dark Sky Partners offers analysis of the sky glow impacts of existing or proposed outdoor lighting installations, as well as the effects of different lighting regulations or mitigation strategies.

Measured current condition (top), modeled contribution from proposed lighting (middle), and predicted future condition showing contours of percent increase (bottom).

Lighting Code Development

Dark Sky Partners offers assistance in the development of outdoor lighting codes to help assure technical accuracy, enforceability, and effectiveness.

Please Contact us to discuss specific plans and budgets for services.


We offer the following code development services:

  • Drafting of lighting codes to meet objectives of light pollution reduction (e.g. sky glow; glare)
  • Technical review of existing or proposed lighting codes
  • Presentations concerning the specific details of a proposed ordinance, such as to local Council or Planning & Zoning Commissions
  • Technical training of personnel responsible for implementation and enforcement of the lighting code