About Dark Sky Partners


Paul A. Boley PhD. is an astronomer at the Ural Federal University in Ekaterinburg, Russia. He works with numerical modeling of the radiative properties of nebular regions. He worked as a programmer on light pollution modeling software from 2003-2007, developing programs to predict night-sky brightness for Coconino and Pima counties in Arizona.

Donald R. Davis, Ph.D. is a planetary astronomer, working primarily in the field of small body evolution and dynamics. He has been actively involved in light pollution educational and control efforts since 1986, serving as president of the International Dark-Sky Association (IDA) Board of Directors (1997-2005), and sitting on the Pima County Outdoor Lighting Committee (1986-2005; chair 1994-1998). He has been involved with the quantitative measurement of skyglow since the pioneering study done at Organ Pipe National Monument (1995).

Christian B. Luginbuhl is an astronomer specializing in the quantification and modeling of the effects of outdoor artificial lighting on the night sky, and lighting codes and their effect on controlling sky glow. He has been involved in light pollution control efforts since 1986, and was a principal author of the innovative 1989 Flagstaff and Coconino County (AZ) outdoor lighting codes, as well as the IDA Outdoor Lighting Code Handbook and Pattern Code. He has assisted over two dozen communities with development of outdoor lighting codes.